A WEEK AMID JUNE The Show has Come to a Close!

Anna Clarke


Antonina Clarke AKA Anna, or the yetti, has been arrogantly fighting the stream of homogenized art, monotonous “juxtapoz” imitations, and all soulless creations across the Western Seaboard. Raised in wonderful Riverside, CA, enduring angsty adolescence in Golden, Colorado to grow into a fine young hippie in the rolling hills of Oregon and Washington. Her triumphant return to Colorado marks a new phase in her studio practice, one that will develop on the walls/floors of the once Boulder Co-Op. Maybe naked ladies, maybe fruit still-lifes, we shall see…. but usually she creates large colorful oil paintings typically with death, decay, growth and rawness as the subject, with flowers, laurel wreaths, anatomy, bones and veins for imagery.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right forum- but I wanted to tell everyone I started painting the floor this week! From the entrance, leading to 1/2 of the west wall I primed a design.
    Running around with a paint roller on the floor is really fun, so I'm thinking of expanding my design.
    I was wondering, was anyone else wanting to paint the floor in the main room? let me know cause I don't want to step on any toes. I'll be painting Monday and Wednesday. holla! 303.324.8500


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