A Week Amid June

A WEEK AMID JUNE The Show has Come to a Close!

The show is over and we're all really sad!
If you're interested in being a part of a future show or just want to get in touch. Leave a comment on our blog and we'll be sure to get back to you!
I want to thank all of our visitors and the wonderful artists that made this happen.
Thank you

Artist Profiles to come...

Grant Reynolds
Matthew C. Stocker
Adrianna Santiago Pass
Amber Cobb
Amelia Carley
Anderson Heagy
Genevieve Kohlhardt
Jennifer Gunther
Jonathan VanTassel
Kari Treadwell
Katherine Wheeler Sanz
Kyla Ostler
Melissa Baines
Molly Dougherty
Tony Zellaha

And the Music:
Jonathon McDowell
DJ Mike Everett
Jose-Maria Ramas
Dave Croster
Thank You!

Thank you everyone who made it over to the show this past week. We had a great time and we hope you did too.

Autumn and I are very pleased with how the show turned out and once we take a breather I hope we can do another, soon.

We will be presenting the money that we raised to EFAA later this week.
Please stay in touch and feel free to comment on any of our blogs.
Also please check out our flicker page that a guest put together for us.


A Week Amid June

Who: A compilation of artists who are interested in contributing to a
community focused event.

When: Installation of works and a line up of performances
Monday June 8th-11th
June 12th Opening Revelries
June 13th-18th the show will be open to the public from 12pm – 5pm
June 19th Closing Night Carousing

Where: 1904 Pearl St.

How: We intend to initiate a happening by involving many artists
from the Boulder Community.

Why: For the past year the once Boulder Coop, has existed as a vacant
warehouse, underutilized and begging to house the community it once
nurtured. Taking advantage of this space, we have decided to invite
some of the local artists practicing or playing to exhibit a variety
of works and to entertain members from our community. In doing so, we
would like to give back to Boulder by raising money for an
organization that has been dedicated to assisting local families - EFAA

What: This show is a fundraiser so we will have admission at a suggested donation of $5 for opening and closing nights. It will be free during the week. We will also need artists to be involved in their installation including the costs of such.

Okay everyone, this is the layout of the space. I know that some of you have already established a place in the space, but for those of you that haven't let me know what you have in mind.
Hope everyone is well and remeber just ONE WEEK LEFT before the opening!

(A Week Amid June)

This blog has purpose:

For all of you that have caught a whiff of the show Autumn and I have brewing, we want to provide you with some guidelines to commit to this opportunity. This blog is meant to function as a forum for communication and a venue for investigation.
We ask those of you that have been invited or are interested to submit a short profile about you and your artistic endeavors. This way we can post them up on the blog and get communication going.
As we hear back from artists we will begin drafting a line up and layout for the week. The sooner you get back to us the more options you will have.

email us!


Below are some of the artists that will be showing /performing/singing their work "A Week Amid June."

We are hoping to strike up some conversation upon this blogging space so please feel free to leave comments below posts. This is both for the public and for communication among the artists involved.

We are trying to be transparent in our attempts to organize and lead this occasion while allowing you to see it come together from the inside out.
Stay posted - post and comment!

Anna Clarke


Antonina Clarke AKA Anna, or the yetti, has been arrogantly fighting the stream of homogenized art, monotonous “juxtapoz” imitations, and all soulless creations across the Western Seaboard. Raised in wonderful Riverside, CA, enduring angsty adolescence in Golden, Colorado to grow into a fine young hippie in the rolling hills of Oregon and Washington. Her triumphant return to Colorado marks a new phase in her studio practice, one that will develop on the walls/floors of the once Boulder Co-Op. Maybe naked ladies, maybe fruit still-lifes, we shall see…. but usually she creates large colorful oil paintings typically with death, decay, growth and rawness as the subject, with flowers, laurel wreaths, anatomy, bones and veins for imagery.

Genevieve Kohlhardt

While waiting tables makes for a fine day job, the things I fit into the cracks between shifts are the things that make me a poet and an artist as opposed to a waitress. Most of my work is concerned with gender identity, but I often explore the relationships between the literary and the visual and have recently been writing a great deal about my experiences traveling. I graduated in 2007 with degrees in Studio Art and Creative Writing from CU Boulder and will be heading to Boise State in the fall to start a MFA in poetry.

I Conceive a Scalpel

You might wonder
if I am a minefield,
Or a spiral staircase
of curls. Or a language
you heard once, but never

But I manage to
keep a catalogue of your body
parts, spinal and strand, bundle
of muscle, popping
of knee. Your muscles and the
way they remember things I know
you forget.

(How strange,
that your lip
is just a thing. A noun.
A slab of skin
concealing the jutting
of your jaw bone.)

Evan Lockhart Borman

"Evan Lockhart Borman was born and raised in the suburban sprawl of northwest Denver - metro area. Surrounded by tract houses and strip malls he was forced to make his own way armed only with his wits, a skateboard, and paint pen. It was a war against the mundane homogeneous existence of modern living.

His most recent works deal with the intersection of disperate moments in time and a forgotten nostalgia when memories are unearthed at eighteen frames per second."

Melissa Baines

Born and raised in Aurora, Colorado, I graduated from UCD with a BA in photography in December of 2007. I have spent most of my photographic explorations discovering the different aspects of photographing people. I am drawn to the idea of portraying intangible qualities in people by capturing personal moments with them on film, but I am also intrigued by the thought that capturing a moment on film violates the intimacy of that moment and thus alters the resulting photograph. Some of my work also explores relationships between people and attempts to visually represent the concept that no one can
truly know the nature of a relationship between two people except those two people themselves. My work has been on hiatus for a while due to lack of a dark room, as I prefer to work with black and white silver gelatin, but for this show I will be experimenting with appropriated art and testing the limits of how legitimate I believe it to be as an art form.

Shane Dooley

Born in Grant's Pass, Oregon on Dec 9, 1982

By the time I received a BASA in ceramics from CU boulder in 2007, my work had all started to drift toward music. I have played I started making ceramic drums and connecting ceramic ocarinas (globular flutes) up to air compressors. I have played the guitar for 10 years or so, but senior year I had the opportunity to take a guitar construction class through CU and I was instantly hooked on Lutherie (construction and repair of stringed instruments). Since graduating I have largely put ceramics on hold and attended the Roberto-Venn School of Lutherie in Phoenix, Arizona, to really learn the craft. I have completed 4 guitars to date and currently work at Woodsongs Lutherie in Boulder repairing string instruments. Autumn asked if I wanted to put a piece in the show but I feel like it will be more authentic for me to perform music rather than show a piece right now. I like the idea of my performance being a sort of gallery to show some instruments I've made.
My music
have always been more of an instrumental musician but I am in the process of exploring my vocal abilities now. Lately I have been into singer/songwriter stuff like Bon Iver and Bonnie "Prince" Billy as well as experiemental, electro influnced indie music like MGMT and Ratatat. I am also endlessly fascinated by the symbioic marriage of technology and music and explore this through loops and electronic influenced sounds.

Lucie Brossard Kiwimagi

Lucie has a Bachelor’s in Art History from the University of Arizona and a Master’s in Art Therapy from the Naropa Institute. She has been a student of painting and drawing since the late 80s, and for the last several years has been studying and creating at the Art Students’ League of Denver. Lucie has counseled and provided art therapy services to children, families and adult offenders in agency and school settings over the last ten years, and currently practices full time at the Tennyson Center for Children in Denver. Lucie has exhibited her paintings, drawings and collages around Colorado and in Connecticut, her native state.

My work is usually unplanned, spontaneously conceived. I borrow from the details and rhythms of nature, and am fascinated by how these elements are metaphors for parts of the self. Tempera and chalk pastel seem to be my preferred media; I love them because they are gritty and soft, pure and vibrant.

In this age of reducing, reusing and recycling, I am often most satisfied when I consume little. Recently, my main mode of working is to deconstruct stored art works that are without resolve and make them into something new. Culmination I is a mélange of at least four previous pieces. In this pastel collage, I explore the tension that exists between the past and the present, attempting to bring a new, lighter touch to the intensity and impact of familiar forms.

Erica Cottrell

Born in raised in Upstate New York

BFA in Ceramics from CU-Boulder ’08: Although I don’t believe that an art education buys me any legitimacy – it was an amazing way to spend undergrad.
I have mostly made work out of clay, which have been a part of larger installations. I have always been interested in body forms; extended, contorted and altered. My inspirations are David Kronenburg and fashion. I enjoy the way clothes fit ones body and how a body is affected by material. I’m interested in theater and creating environments for viewers to walk into and experience on a variety of levels.
But of course, these are all the things I’m working towards, whether I’ve accomplished this or not is questionable.

For this Show: I have spent much of my time putting things together with Autumn. Since, I’ve graduated I’ve been working on the other side of art, more business, writing and kissing ass. I actually really enjoy the hiatus from making work but I plan on working on a few collaborations for the show. I’ll keep you posted on what I will be contributing.

For Now: The last show I have taken part in was my BFA show about a year ago… yes, I’ve taken a year off.
Meanwhile, I have been working for an artist in town. I have been writing for her and helping her with her artistic endeavors. I have also been working at The Kitchen in a few different capacities, working at Watershed School as a sports coach and still looking for work to satisfy me.

Autumn L. Fischer

Together with Erica I am creating this show as a chance for artists like myself, and Erica, who are forced to reconcile our enthusiasm with the reality that there is very little 
opportunity for new artists to show and be apart of an active art scene. The most simple solution for this seemed to be to host our own little art event.
As an artist I graduated CU with my BFA in May of 2007. I have since spent the majority of that time traveling and attempting to absorb as much information about the real world as possible, something a University education was lacking for me. Lately I am working in a variety of materials and making work involving light and space. This show for me is an opportunity for artists to have fun, to be engaging and to enjoy Boulder summers, June being the best month for summer.

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