A WEEK AMID JUNE The Show has Come to a Close!

Erica Cottrell

Born in raised in Upstate New York

BFA in Ceramics from CU-Boulder ’08: Although I don’t believe that an art education buys me any legitimacy – it was an amazing way to spend undergrad.
I have mostly made work out of clay, which have been a part of larger installations. I have always been interested in body forms; extended, contorted and altered. My inspirations are David Kronenburg and fashion. I enjoy the way clothes fit ones body and how a body is affected by material. I’m interested in theater and creating environments for viewers to walk into and experience on a variety of levels.
But of course, these are all the things I’m working towards, whether I’ve accomplished this or not is questionable.

For this Show: I have spent much of my time putting things together with Autumn. Since, I’ve graduated I’ve been working on the other side of art, more business, writing and kissing ass. I actually really enjoy the hiatus from making work but I plan on working on a few collaborations for the show. I’ll keep you posted on what I will be contributing.

For Now: The last show I have taken part in was my BFA show about a year ago… yes, I’ve taken a year off.
Meanwhile, I have been working for an artist in town. I have been writing for her and helping her with her artistic endeavors. I have also been working at The Kitchen in a few different capacities, working at Watershed School as a sports coach and still looking for work to satisfy me.

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