A WEEK AMID JUNE The Show has Come to a Close!

Shane Dooley

Born in Grant's Pass, Oregon on Dec 9, 1982

By the time I received a BASA in ceramics from CU boulder in 2007, my work had all started to drift toward music. I have played I started making ceramic drums and connecting ceramic ocarinas (globular flutes) up to air compressors. I have played the guitar for 10 years or so, but senior year I had the opportunity to take a guitar construction class through CU and I was instantly hooked on Lutherie (construction and repair of stringed instruments). Since graduating I have largely put ceramics on hold and attended the Roberto-Venn School of Lutherie in Phoenix, Arizona, to really learn the craft. I have completed 4 guitars to date and currently work at Woodsongs Lutherie in Boulder repairing string instruments. Autumn asked if I wanted to put a piece in the show but I feel like it will be more authentic for me to perform music rather than show a piece right now. I like the idea of my performance being a sort of gallery to show some instruments I've made.
My music
have always been more of an instrumental musician but I am in the process of exploring my vocal abilities now. Lately I have been into singer/songwriter stuff like Bon Iver and Bonnie "Prince" Billy as well as experiemental, electro influnced indie music like MGMT and Ratatat. I am also endlessly fascinated by the symbioic marriage of technology and music and explore this through loops and electronic influenced sounds.

Lucie Brossard Kiwimagi

Lucie has a Bachelor’s in Art History from the University of Arizona and a Master’s in Art Therapy from the Naropa Institute. She has been a student of painting and drawing since the late 80s, and for the last several years has been studying and creating at the Art Students’ League of Denver. Lucie has counseled and provided art therapy services to children, families and adult offenders in agency and school settings over the last ten years, and currently practices full time at the Tennyson Center for Children in Denver. Lucie has exhibited her paintings, drawings and collages around Colorado and in Connecticut, her native state.

My work is usually unplanned, spontaneously conceived. I borrow from the details and rhythms of nature, and am fascinated by how these elements are metaphors for parts of the self. Tempera and chalk pastel seem to be my preferred media; I love them because they are gritty and soft, pure and vibrant.

In this age of reducing, reusing and recycling, I am often most satisfied when I consume little. Recently, my main mode of working is to deconstruct stored art works that are without resolve and make them into something new. Culmination I is a mélange of at least four previous pieces. In this pastel collage, I explore the tension that exists between the past and the present, attempting to bring a new, lighter touch to the intensity and impact of familiar forms.

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