A WEEK AMID JUNE The Show has Come to a Close!

A Week Amid June

Who: A compilation of artists who are interested in contributing to a
community focused event.

When: Installation of works and a line up of performances
Monday June 8th-11th
June 12th Opening Revelries
June 13th-18th the show will be open to the public from 12pm – 5pm
June 19th Closing Night Carousing

Where: 1904 Pearl St.

How: We intend to initiate a happening by involving many artists
from the Boulder Community.

Why: For the past year the once Boulder Coop, has existed as a vacant
warehouse, underutilized and begging to house the community it once
nurtured. Taking advantage of this space, we have decided to invite
some of the local artists practicing or playing to exhibit a variety
of works and to entertain members from our community. In doing so, we
would like to give back to Boulder by raising money for an
organization that has been dedicated to assisting local families - EFAA

What: This show is a fundraiser so we will have admission at a suggested donation of $5 for opening and closing nights. It will be free during the week. We will also need artists to be involved in their installation including the costs of such.


  1. Some opening night party photos available on Flickr:


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  2. Thank you Doug! Do you think you can get in touch with me? my email is autmrae@gmail.com


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